Heavy Duty Pressure ratchet 100mm – 100kN

Heavy duty pressure ratchet for 100 mm lashing straps – steel version

Webbing width

100 mm


High tensile steel


Blue Chromated

Lever lock

not present

Tested according

DIN EN 12195-2

Breaking Strength (BS)

100 kN (10,000 daN)

Lashing Capacity (LC)

50 kN (5,000 daN)

A heavy-duty pressure ratchet is a tool used to secure and tension heavy loads. It consists of a ratchet mechanism, which is driven by a lever, and a stop shoe, which is pressed against the load. It allows loads to be secured and tensioned with great force.
The process of using a heavy duty compression ratchet is as follows:
1. position the heavy duty pressure ratchet at the desired location.
2. operate the lever to actuate the ratchet mechanism and secure the load.
3. when the desired tensioning force is reached, close the lever and the load will remain securely held.
4. to release the tension, open the lever to release the ratchet mechanism.
It is important to note that the maximum tensioning force that can be applied to the heavy duty ratchet depends on the type and size of the heavy duty ratchet. It is therefore important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and ensure that it is suitable for the intended application.

Weight per piece: 3.54 kg,
Box (6 pieces): 21.74 kg,
Pallet (40 boxes = 240 pieces): 889.6 kg,
Height pallet: 110 cm (4 layers of 10 boxes)

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* Important note on the STF - preload force: The STF-value we specify for pull and pressure ratchets is for guidance only.
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