About us

The company

The Konnex Group has its roots in a Dutch trading company founded in 1947 by Roelof Gunneman. In 1999 the company was renamed Konnex B.V. following the purchase of an importer of Italian chains, also established in 1947.

In 2001, the German company Konnex GmbH was founded in Mettmann, together with a German partner that imported goods from China. This partner retired later and the company moved to Velbert.

In 2004, the subsidiary KONNEX Ltd. was founded in China. This is where customer-specific products (cable management systems) are manufactured for Rittal. In 2013, Konnex Group further expanded with the acquisition of Ruthenbeck.

As an industrial supplier, we specialise in the development and production of complex products made of metal, plastic or a combination of these two. Our factory in China produces quick, efficient and according to European quality standards. Throughout the production chain, products are subject to strict quality control by the European sites.


We combine the cost and efficiency advantages of a China-based producer with the reliability and service orientation of a German company – you can always communicate with a competent person. Our efficient logistics enables us to deliver 90% of our products
within 24 hours. We are also at your disposal for third-party products as a strong logistics service provider for your supply chain from China to Europe. From seaworthy packaging in China to customs clearance to warehousing and shipping, we offer an all-inclusive service package. Thanks to computerised inventory management, we always deliver our customers’ goods in the right quantities at the right time to the right place.

LIGHTBELT shaft lighting for lifts

Ingeniously simple, ingeniously reliable!
It couldn’t be simpler:
– roll off
– screw down
– switch on!

With LIGHTBELT you have a complete shaft lighting system.

For optimal use in a wide range of shaft lengths, the pluggable light band can be shortened by 20-cm increments and is specially adapted by us for each shaft length. LIGHTBELT generates an even and clear LED light with luminous intensity 1200 Lumen/m. The ratchet is mounted with only one screw and forms the lower seal of the system. This makes it easy to tighten the light band. Only two fixing points (for which the appropriate bolts and nuts are supplied) are required for the entire system.

2 x drill, 2 x screw down – That’s it!

Load securing:

Our variety of products is legendary and covers all branches of industry – from simple hooks and end fittings to standard DIN parts to complete assemblies made up of multiple individual parts. We process steel, cast aluminium and precision casting as well as plastics. We design and create stamping and forming tools as well as casting tools for the zinc and plastics sector under the strictest quality control. Through the use of follow-on composite tools, even large series can be produced under excellent conditions.