Pull Ratchet 50mm – 50kN (ERGO, 260mm)

Pull ratchet ERGO with Lever lock for 50 mm webbing. Handle length: 260 mm Handgrip: wide, plastic (red)

Webbing width



Lever lock


Tested according

DIN EN 12195-2

Breaking Strength (BS)

50 kN (5,000 daN)

Lashing Capacity (LC)

25 kN (2,500 daN)

STF-value *

500 daN

With the red handle.
Our standard ERGO pull ratchet 71CQ060 finds its use on a truck or van. In combination with webbing and end fittings, it secures your load against slipping and keeps it in the intended place on the loading area. With a lever length of 260 mm, the operation of the long lever ratchet is easier in contrast to a pressure ratchet and a much higher pretensioning force / STF value is achieved.

Our quality and its strengths:
  • Ergonomically shaped, red handle
  • No rivets or end caps on the handle prevent the risk of injury
  • Band take-up shaft made of very high quality steel with anti-slip (AS)
  • Disc and sprocket combined, no additional disc required
  • Specially shaped sprocket for better stability of the belt take-up shaft
  • Including lever lock, optimized movement
  • Specially durable KOsil coating: increased resistance to RR according to ISO 9227 NSS test
  • Best price/performance ratio
  • Quality at the highest level, guaranteed by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
  • Multiple times tested according to DIN EN 12195-2, system certified by TÜV and DGUV

Weight per piece: 1.39 kg,
Box (12 pieces): 17.2 kg

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* Important note on the STF - preload force: The STF-value we specify for pull and pressure ratchets is for guidance only.
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Delivery quantity: 12 Pieces

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