Geared Pull Ratchet 50mm – 50kN (ERGO)

Geared pull ratchet with Lever lock for 50 mm webbing.
Handgrip: wide, Plastic

50 mm pull ratchet with built-in gearbox for high preload forces. Depending on the lashing belt, STF values of 800 daN can be achieved with ease.

Webbing width

50 mm


High tensile steel


Blue Chromated

Lever lock


Tested according

DIN EN 12195-2

Breaking Strength (BS)

50 kN (5,000 daN)

Lashing Capacity (LC)

25 kN (2,500 daN)

STF-value *

800 daN

The decisive factor for good load securing is the pretensioning force to be achieved, depending on the application, very high STF values are required for load securing, our ERGO long lever ratchet is equipped with a gearbox.
Due to the gear ratio, you can achieve much higher STF values with this ERGO gear ratchet than with a usual ERGO long lever pull ratchet at the pre-tensioning force. Our ERGO gear ratchet (71CQ064) has a lever lock and is designed for 50 mm lashing straps.

Weight per piece: 2.19 kg,
Box (8 pieces): 18.02 kg,
Pallet (48 boxes = 384 pieces): 884.96 kg,
Height pallet: 110 cm (4 layers of 12 boxes)

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* Important note on the STF - preload force: The STF-value we specify for pull and pressure ratchets is for guidance only.
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