Pressure Ratchet 35mm – 30kN (Plastic Handgrip)

Pressure ratchet with Lever lock for 35 mm webbing.
Handgrip: narrow, steel

Webbing width

35 mm


High tensile steel


Blue Chromated

Lever lock


Tested according

DIN EN 12195-2

Breaking Strength (BS)

30 kN (3,000 daN)

Lashing Capacity (LC)

15 kN (1,500 daN)

STF-value *

270 daN

Our 35mm pressure ratchet is often used to secure loads in a van, car or on a car trailer.
It is equipped with a user-friendly plastic handle and a lever lock

Weight per piece: 0,55 kg,
Box (40 pieces): 22.5 kg,
Pallet (40 boxes = 1600 pieces): 920 kg,
Height pallet: 121 cm (4 layers of 10 boxes)

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* Important note on the STF - preload force: The STF-value we specify for pull and pressure ratchets is for guidance only.
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Delivery quantity: 40 Pieces

Usually ready for shipment in 1 to 3 working days.

Price on request

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