Airline fitting / Double stud fitting – 22.5kN

Airline fitting / Double stud fitting.
End terminal without Ring
Stamp: ISO 9788


High tensile steel


Blue Chromated

Tested according

DIN EN 12195-2

Breaking Strength (BS)

22.5 kN (2,250 daN)

Lashing Capacity (LC)

11.25 kN (1,125 daN)

Airlinebeschlag für Airlineschiene/Zurrschienen.

Weight per piece: 0,1075 kg,
Box (200 pieces): 22 kg,
Pallet (36 boxes = 7200 pieces): 812 kg,
Height pallet: 60 cm (3 layers of 12 boxes)

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Delivery quantity: 7200 Pieces

On request, with minimum order quantity (MOQ).

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